Research Initiatives

The FVLD recognizes the pressing need for the expansion of research possibilities within the specialty of phlebology. The Foundation has funded a number of research initiatives to promote the accumulation of verifiable data as well as provide professional development through research opportunities.

AVLS PRO Venous Registry

While it may seem the amount of data we’re exposed to on a daily basis is overwhelming, the need for verifiable, clinical data in our practices is more important than ever. To address this need, the FVLD funded the development of the AVLS PRO Venous Registry, which utilizes data collection through EMR systems, allowing for the capture of meaningful data to improve patient outcomes, as well as engage insurers, policymakers, and the public.

After two years in development, the AVLS recently launched the robust AVLS PRO Venous Registry, which collects both physician and patient-reported outcome (PRO) data through the use of AVLS certified EMR systems. This makes the registry an easily utilized research and benchmarking tool, and offers a number of opportunities for providers to participate and specifically allow patients to share their stories through generic and disease-specific quality of life scales.

For more information and to participate, please visit:

Research Grants

The Foundation grants funding up to $150,000 for three new research initiatives in phlebology.

Research-In-Practice Grant

Developed for clinical phlebologists who wish to initiate a clinical research project of importance to the field of phlebology.

Junior Faculty Investigator Grant

Designed to allow junior faculty—typically at institutions of higher learning—with a career interest in phlebology research to initiate a basic, pre-clinical, or pilot clinical research project of importance to the field of phlebology. Associate professors and full professors are not eligible and applicants must not have received prior major grant support (exceeding $50,000).

Research Trainee Grant

Designed for young investigators in graduate-level medical or research programs who are not yet professionally established in phlebological sciences but want to gain insight into the scientific investigation of the field of phlebology. This grant will be renewed during the new fiscal year pending additional funding requests.

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