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As the premier professional organization in the field of vein care, the AVLS gives our members all of the resources they need to continue their education and improve their practice, patient education, and treatment techniques. We also work with our members to advance the field of vein care within the medical community, serving as the leading advocate for the field of phlebology. We work within the AMA, American Osteopathic Association (AOA), and American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM) and the greater medical community to promote standards of care and awareness of venous and lymphatic disease.

Real Resources for Real Results

The AVLS is the largest association dedicated to venous and lymphatic disease study and treatment. We provide our members:


In this dynamic health care environment with rapidly moving policy makers and payors, it is imperative that we work to ensure our patient’s quality of life remains a core part of the national health care mission. Patient care cannot be compromised due to a lack of understand of venous and lymphatic disease by policy decision makers.

How we serve in advocacy:

  • Rapid response team of physicians addresses payor policy changes
  • Representative to the AMA House of Delegates since 2008
  • Advocacy volunteers meet with payor relations teams and formally respond to policy coverage determination proposals.
  • Key advocacy speakers are hosted at annual events, including U.S. Congressman Mark Green, MD and Juan Schaening, MD with First Coast Service Options.
  • Improving Wisely project with Johns Hopkins University works to improve standards of care.
  • Advocate for fair reimbursement for vein procedures in the national CPT and RUC process.
  • Publish position statements regarding coverage of vein procedures.


Our commitment to research began with the development of the Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Venous Registry. By embracing research as a core tenant of the Society, we are committing to expanding the field of venous and lymphatic research.

How we serve in research:

  • Over 175 PRO Venous Registry Licensed Users contribute to the database.
  • Merged the Venous Patient Outcome Registry (VPOR) into the PRO Venous Registry.
  • Studies from the PRO Venous Registry are presented at annual events, including two recent studies of Epidemiology and Endovenous Ablation
  • Host an Annual Research Summit to determine best strategies and queries for the registry and research in venous and lymphatic medicine


Since the founding of our Society, a core principle remains to provide the highest quality medical education in venous and lymphatic medicine available in the United States.

How we serve in education:

Coding & Reimbursement Advice

We have a team of experts that make up the AVLS Coding and Reimbursement Committee. Members who have questions, inquiries and problems getting reimbursed can contact the AVLS to get answers and help with a variety of coding and reimbursement issues. Letters, sample forms and other documents are also available to members to assist in meeting their coding and reimbursement needs.

Learn more about our Coding & Reimbursement resources.

Practice Management Resources

The AVLS can provide you with practice management information, answer your practice management questions, and serve as a resource to help safeguard your practice, reduce risk, enhance financial performance and productivity, and keep you up-to-date on best practices in the field. In addition to practice management documents, we have a practice management committee that can answer your questions specifically.

Our practice management committee is made up of experts in the field who have experience managing vein care practices. Whether you have questions about patient education, risk management, need help with staffing issues or HR best practices, the AVLS can help work through your practice management questions and issues.

Learn more about our practice management resources.

AVLS Member Center

AVLS Members can access our Member Center here. The Member Center is a member’s-only online resource center providing access to our online education center, publications and research, and membership directories. By logging in, members are able to customize how their information is posted in our Online Directory; search for articles, publications, and patient education materials; and purchase textbooks, apparel, tools, and event registrations at the member rate.

Complimentary Subscriptions

Focused Newsletters

The AVLS produces four email newsletters a month focused on advocacy, research, education and membership. These newsletters provide targeted information from the venous and lymphatic world as well as updates on projects members are working on.

Phlebology Journal

Published quarterly, Phlebology is the leading scientific journal devoted entirely to venous disease. This peer-reviewed journal publishes the results of high-quality studies and reviews, as well as original articles, and short reports on the latest treatment procedures and patient outcomes. Phlebology is mailed to members as a benefit of membership, and members also have access to the journal online. 

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VEIN Magazine

Vein Magazine is the premier publication for the venous disease treatment industry. Launched in 2008, with the goal of helping physicians delivering venous treatments to better serve their patients and grow their practices, Vein Magazine offers readers useful news and insights from leaders in this unique area of medical practice. Published four times a year, Vein Magazine provides extensive coverage of new technologies, products, treatment options and more, and is distributed nationwide to physicians in diverse areas of medicine.

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Vein Therapy News

Published bimonthly in a four-color glossy format, Vein Therapy News keeps you up to date on the latest news in the phlebology community.

Topics include new vein-related products and technology, industry news, events, and so much more.

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Learn more about AVLS publications.

Meetings and Continuing Education

Annual Congress & Regional Symposia

The AVLS’ Annual Congress is the premier educational forum for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of venous disease. The Congress is an excellent opportunity to join leaders in the field of phlebology for abstract sessions, hands-on workshops, live patient demonstrations, and special interest sections.

AVLS symposia provide targeted education on a number of topics in an intimate, hands-on setting. AVLS offers 3-4 regional and topical symposia each year, including the Phlebology Review Course, Nursing Sclerotherapy and Basic & Advanced Ultrasound.

AVLS Members are able to register for the Annual Congress and Symposia at a discounted rate.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is offered through a variety of media including an online education center, for those members who can’t make it to our in-person congress, symposia, or courses. Our Online Education Center has courses and modules for beginning and expert-level vein care professionals. It also offers courses for CME credit, and Self Assessment Modules. The AVLS Online Education Center is ideal for vein care professionals who don’t have the time to travel or take in-person courses but want to stay up-to-date on all the best practices and latest techniques. Learn more about our online Education Center.


Fundamentals of Phlebology
Now in its third edition, and with contributions from experts in a number of specialties, the Fundamentals of Phlebology textbook is a highly practical guide which provides an understanding of the pathophysiology of venous disease and authoritative information on the management and details of all the current treatment options available to physicians. The new techniques and skills described in this book afford patients with venous disease healthier and more productive lives.

Core Curriculum for Phlebology Nurses
Developed by the AVLS Nursing Section, the Core Curriculum for Phlebology Nurses textbook establishes patient care standards for nurses involved in the treatment of venous and lymphatic disease. This manual is written in an outline format, for easy reference and includes Nursing Intervention Classifications (NIC’s) and a “Professional Issues” section,important for nurse managers.

Learn more about all the education opportunities the AVLS provides.

Post-Graduate Training

The AVLS and ABVLM offers a variety of post-graduate training opportunities, including traditional fellowships and certification opportunities. Use the links below to learn more about post-graduate training:

Networking Opportunities

Membership in the AVLS provides you with access to those individuals impacting the field of phlebology. Through your membership, you can obtain coding and reimbursement advice, access practice management solutions, obtain vendor discounts and contacts, and enjoy social and professional networking opportunities with other AVLS members.

Research Grants & Awards, and Scholarships

The AVLS offers a variety of grants, awards, and scholarships to healthcare professionals looking to advance their research and the field of vein care. Learn more about all of our grants and scholarships here:


The AVLS has strong affiliations with the Foundation for Venous & Lymphatic Medicine and the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM).

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