Philips IVUS Case Competition
Submission Deadline
Monday, May 8
at 11:59 PM ET

We are proud to announce the first-ever AVLS IVUS Competition. Showcase your expertise and innovative techniques in intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging. Submit your best IVUS cases, demonstrating exceptional imaging skills and innovative approaches to diagnose and treat venous diseases. Our panel will select the best cases to present based on technical quality, diagnostic accuracy, and patient outcomes.

Topic: How IVUS Allows Physicians to See Clearly and Treat Optimally in Venous Procedures

Competition: June 10, 2023


  • Invitation to compete in the National Philips IVUS Case Competition at the UIP 2023 World Congress
  • Complimentary registration to attend the UIP 2023 World Congress in Miami Beach
  • $1,000 travel stipend to Miami Beach for the UIP 2023 World Congress (airfare + accomodation at one of the conference hotels)
  • One-year complimentary membership to the AVLS


  • All medical residents, fellows and recently graduated physicians (within their first 5 years of practice) both in the US and internationally can apply.
  • Submissions must focus on this year's topic: "How IVUS allows physicians to see clearly and treat optimally in venous procedures"
  • Cases must utilize the Philips IVUS Imaging system
  • Multiple submissions are allowed per person, however an individual may only present one case as a finalist
  • Case submissions must have all patient identifiers and Protected Health Information (PHI) under HIPPA removed.
  • Case submissions may not have been selected as a winning case in any other society, association or other competition in the past 2 years.
  • Applicants must consent to compensation and reimbursement being subjected to federal and state law reporting, only if they win.

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Submission Criteria

  • Case Presentation Title
  • Introduction/Purpose
  • Case Description
    • Study Design
    • Dates the study spans
    • Disease or condition studied
    • Subjects studied
    • Study setting
    • Interventions
    • Outcome measurements
    • Other important variables
    • Analyses (preliminary for ongoing studies)
  • Case Conclusion
  • One-minute video case presentation
  • Case Images (up to 6)
  • Case Table (limit of 1)

Judging Criteria





Image and data integrity


Structure and Organization

Presentation flow and review, co-registration, understandability, ease of review of the case


Clinical Relevance

How many people is this going to affect? Is it pertinent to current treatment standards?



Procedural success endpoints



What is the chance this will be published? Combination of originality and study design

Submission Instructions

  • Follow this link to the case submission portal
  • Click the "Join Now" button on the right - if you have already submitted an abstract for the UIP 2023 World Congress, you may use the same login
  • Complete the Account Profile information
  • Under "Abstracts" select "Click here to begin a new abstract" next to the green plus sign
  • In the dropdown "Presentation Preference," select "Philips - IVUS Case Competition"
  • Complete the Tasks for the Philips - IVUS Case Competition
  • After reviewing your submission, be sure to click the final "Submit" button

One-minute Video Case Presentation

To complete your one-minute case presentation, we suggest you follow the structure below.

Part 1: Answer the questions below

  1. Who are you?
  2. What problem are you trying to solve?
  3. Why does your listener care?
  4. What is the specific condition/approach?
  5. Why does anyone care? What impact do you hope to have? How is that your IVUS approach is important?

Part 2: Fill in the draft of your video with your answers from Part 1

I am/We are: Answer from #1
Addressing the issue of: Answer from #2
Which impacts: Answer from #3
I approached it this way because: Answer from #4
I believe this method: Answer from #5

"I am/we are ___[Answer from #1]___ addressing the issue of ___[Answer from #2]___, which impacts ___[Answer from #3]___. I approached it this way because ___[Answer from #4]___. I believe this method ___[Answer from #5]___.

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Finalist Presentations

June 11, 2023

Four finalists will be selected from the case submissions and invited to present their cases to our panel of judges in a live webinar. Presentations will be scored and a winner will be selected. The winner of the AVLS IVUS Case Competition will go on to compete live at the National Case Competition at the UIP 2023 World Congress in Miami Beach. 

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