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The AVLS is the leading resource for physicians and allied health professionals in the field of phlebology. We use our knowledge, expertise and professional network to help our members.


The My AVLS Community (MAC)

Connect with your peers and discuss topics relevant to your practice on the MAC (My AVLS Community). This online community allows for group discussions as well as direct messaging. In addition you can share documents and resources that you have found helpful, as well as download resources that other members have uploaded. 

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AVLS members have complimentary subscriptions to a variety of publications including the Phlebology Journal, Vein Therapy News, and VEIN Magazine.

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Practice Management

There are many benefits of membership with the AVLS, but perhaps one of the most directly helpful resources we provide is assistance with practice management.

The AVLS can assist you with practice management information and questions, serving as a resource to help safeguard your practice, reduce risk, enhance financial performance and productivity, and keep you up-to-date on best practices.

You can ask our knowledgeable team of expert phlebology volunteers questions about coding & reimbursement, risk management, staffing and HR practices, or any other topic you may need assistance with.

The AVLS is a seasoned resource for your phlebology practice. We have documents, articles and member volunteers who can provide support and advice to your practice.

AVLS Members also receive benefits with the following:

MedPro Disposal

Office Supplies

Patient Management

Imagine having a team of experts in a wide variety of clinical specialties as your consulting colleagues, right at your fingertips. This is also available to you as a benefit of membership.

We all realize the importance of patient education. When they’re first learning about venous disorders and treatments, patients often need material that is easily understood, readily accepted and absorbed. The AVLS publishes tested and effective patient education materials that physicians and other professionals can use to educate their patients. There is no need to spend resources to develop your own, and AVLS Members can purchase these materials at discounted costs.

AVLS Members also receive benefits with the following:


In addition to offering live and online education directly, the AVLS provides members with a variety of resources to stay informed. 

Pegasus Lectures

WCEI Wound Care Courses

How Can We Help You Even More?

If you have any ideas or feedback on how we can provide even greater resources to you as a member, we are always open. Send your thoughts to [email protected].

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