The AVLS works closely with members and venous disease specialists across the world to advance the field of vein and lymphatic care, within the medical community and the general public. One way we accomplish this mission, is through the help of the volunteers who sit on our committees. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, explore our committees to see if there’s a particular area you’d like to focus your time and talents on.


  1. Board Advisory Committee
    1. Executive Committee
    2. Finance Committee
    3. Audit Committee
    4. Nominating Committee
  2. Research Standing Committee
    1. Research Advisory Committee
    2. PRO Registry Operations/Oversight Committee
    3. Scientific Guidelines Committee
  3. Health Care Policy Standing Committee
    1. Health Care Advocacy Committee
  4. Education Standing Committee
    1. Education Development Committee
    2. Medical Student/Resident/Fellow Education
    3. CME Oversight Committee
    4. Annual Congress Peer Review
    5. Topical Course/Workshop Peer Review
    6. Internet and Enduring Materials Peer Review
  5. Membership Standing Committee
    1. Member Retention
    2. Member Recruitment
    3. International Affairs
    4. Specialty Sections
    5. Ultrasonography
    6. Lymphedema
    7. Allied Health
  6. Communications Standing Committee
    1. Professional Communication
    2. Patient Communications
    3. Society Publications

How to volunteer with AVLS

  1. Select which Committee You would like to Serve on
  2. Complete the AVLS Committee Volunteer Form and the Guidelines for Committee Volunteers.
  3. Submit your completed and signed forms by email to [email protected], fax to 510-346-6800 with attention to Member Services, or mail to 434 W. Ontario St. Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60654.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for AVLS staff and Committee Chairs to review your volunteer application.

Submit the following documents:

The committees and task forces of the AVLS were established by the Board of Directors to foster development and collaboration within the organization. These committees focus on six specific areas:

A standing committee was established for each of these focus areas, and within each standing committee are several advisory committees and task forces that focus on specific areas of interest and issues. If you want a quick overview of the committee structures, you can view our┬álist of committees above. If you’d like more detailed information, use the links above to explore by focus.

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