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Put an End to Costly Denial of Claims and Reimbursement

Venous Policy Navigator contains up-to-date pre-authorization terminology and documentation requirements of more than 230+ payers across the United States in a user-friendly, web-based format for seamless preparation of coverage requests and improved delivery of patient care.

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Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive approval criteria for varicose vein treatment modalities
  • Sortable by provider with direct links to coverage criteria
  • Provides precise language required, eliminating interpretation
  • Updated monthly with most current venous treatment policie
Tony P. Gasparis, MD

Tony P. Gasparis, MD

“Venous Policy Navigator not only allows streamline access to any insurance’s varicose vein policy, but also provides details of each policy’s criteria in one location. This improves the efficiency of my pre-authorization staff and since it is updated monthly, it can prevent denials when changes in policy occur. My staff love it!”

Kathleen Ozsvath, MD

Kathleen Ozsvath, MD

“Navigating the insurance gaps and requirements in the treatment of venous disease is difficult, exhausting, and just hard to keep up with. The Venous Policy Navigator helps venous specialists manage these issues.”

Put Venous Policy Navigator to Work for You

If your practice provides venous procedures, interacts with multiple insurance providers, or needs improved efficiency in working with billers or pre-authorizers, Venous Policy Navigator is for you. The question isn’t if your practice can afford to use Venous Policy Navigator, it’s can it afford NOT to? Learn more about why Venous Policy Navigator is an essential tool for your practice or program.

AVLS Members: $400/year | Non-Members: $600/year

Key functional aspects of Policy Navigator include:

  • Pre-authorization information
  • Coverage criteria and restrictions for: Endovenous Laser Ablation, Radio Frequency Ablation, Varithena, Venaseal, MOCA, Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy
  • Coverage details including: Ultrasound requirements, conservative therapy requirements and duration, documentation for medical necessity
  • Vein coverage details include: GSV, SSV, Accessory veins, Perforators, Restrictions on type, size, duration, staging and repeat procedures
  • Indications on which complications, functional impairments, and symptoms of CVI are covered: Skin ulcer, Bleeding, Thrombophlebitis, Dermatitis, Edema, Cellulitis, Pain

Policy Navigator is ideal for:

  • Practices that treat varicose veins, especially those that perform a wide range of procedures
  • New practices, practices new to treating varicose veins or those with billers or pre-authorizers who are inexperienced with venous claims
  • Practices who interact with multiple insurance coverages, especially those who see patients with employer-paid insurance coverage from outside the local area or seasonal residents & travelers
  • Practices who see patients from other parts of the country, especially travelers and seasonal residents

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