Coding & Reimbursement

The AVLS provides help for its members when they experience coding or reimbursement issues. With the changes happening in the healthcare industry, as well as social and economic factors that affect medicine, the AVLS works with a panel of experts to address our members’ coding and reimbursement needs.

Coding & Reimbursement Questions

If you have a specific question about coding and reimbursement, you can submit your question here. We have a panel of vein care experts with extensive knowledge in coding and reimbursement issues who will review and answer your question. Submit your questions to

Request Documents

The AVLS provides its members with the documents they need to help with coding and reimbursement, practice management, standards of care and advocacy. If you wish to receive any one of the member documents listed below, please check off the boxes of the documents you wish to receive and enter your name and email. 

Appeals Documents

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