Vision & Mission

The AVLS’ mission is simple, but powerful: to advance venous and lymphatic care.

Our vision is to be an indispensable resource for our members for education, knowledge exchange, and practice management; a powerful advocate for excellence in vein care; and a leader in basic and clinical research in vein care.

The AVLS Board of Directors approved a 2018-2023 Strategic Plan to provide guidance and direction for the organization. View the complete strategic plan.

The AVLS believes in four core values: Fellowship, Innovation, Integrity, and Science.

  1. Fellowship: Demonstrated by professional and personal pride in being part of a collegial community of excellence with a common passion for good thinking, mutual respect, shared experience and collective action
  2. Innovation: Demonstrated by continuing commitment to new methods of producing phlebological education, research, advocacy and leadership
  3. Integrity: Demonstrated by uncompromising dedication to being a trusted, unbiased and credible source of fact-based information and expertise
  4. Science: Demonstrated by utilization of rigorous scientific methods to refine treatment and improve outcomes

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