Health Care Policy Standing Committee

Health Care Policy & Advocacy Standing Committee

The mission of the Healthcare Policy Committee is to establish strategic direction for the AVLS in the domains of:

  • Health Economics
  • Practice Management
  • Insurance Carrier/Policy Makers/Regulator Relations
  • Intersociety Relations
  • Raising AVLS profile among physicians and patients
  • Raising awareness of venous and lymphatic disorders in the medical community
  • Responsible for the development of funding grants from the FVLD or other sources

The mission of the Healthcare Advocacy Advisory Committee is to:

  • Implement HPC Decisions
  • Advocate for and respond to members on economic issues
  • Oversee & represent AVLS regarding:
    • Health Policy positions
      • Provide oversight and direction
    • Reimbursement issues
      • Represent AVLS and develop advocacy strategies
    • Government and Commercial Insurance Carriers
      • Improve relations
      • Monitor and analyze new policies
      • Respond with AVLS policies and advocacy actions
  • Monitor, directly engage, and facilitate information sharing among AMA decision-making bodies:
    • AMA House of Delegates
    • CPT Editorial
    • RUC Panel
  • Select, mobilize, and direct Ad Hoc Rapid Response Team, when needed

Committee Chairs:

Stephen Daugherty – Standing Committee Chair

Chris Pittman – Advisory Committee Chair

Chris Pittman – AMA HOD Representative
Vineet Mishra – AMA HOD Alternate
John Blebea – RUC Representative
Trip Todd/Marlin Schul – RUC Alternate
Satish Vayuvegula – CPT Representative
Michael Graves – CPT Alternate
Khan Nugyen – IAC Representative
TBD – IAC Representative

Robert White – Staff Liaison

Key Priorities

  1. Carrier relations
    1. Palmetto - many issues
    2. WPS - Conference call to discuss VLUs and need for venous evaluation [need to schedule]
    3. Novitas - Draft LCD
    4. Humana - Duplex study payment
  2. Inter-Societal relations
    1. AVF collaboration
    2. OEIS collaboration [accreditation & Novitas]
    3. Wound Alliance
  3. c. Identify IAC Representative

Statement of Purpose:
The Health Care Policy Committee is responsible for the oversight of issues relating to health policy, reimbursement, and insurance industry relations. The committee monitors activities undertaken through the AMA CPT and RUC committees and directs activities aimed towards relationships with policy makers, CMS, and the Insurance Industry.

NOTE: This committee is strictly prohibited from discussion, communication, and dissemination of any type of materials or information that is anti-competitive. The committee must strictly adhere to the Anti-Trust Policy approved and supported by the organization and it’s Board of Directors.

Staff Liaison: AVLS Director of Advocacy

Health Care Advisory Committee


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