ACP Positions Itself as Venous and Lymphatic Advocacy Leader

Our new address is 434 W. Ontario St. Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60654. We appreciate your patience as their may be some delays with product shipping and payment systems during this transition.

Representation is essential in the constantly changing medical landscape that healthcare professionals are facing. The American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS) has begun several new initiatives recently to improve the representation of venous and lymphatic health care providers within the medical industry, including shifting its headquarters to Chicago, Illinois.

“We are excited about the decision to relocate the Headquarters to Chicago as it positions the College in a place where we will better be able to pursue the strategic initiatives of our membership,” said Dr. Neil Khilnani, President of the AVLS Board of Directors. “By placing ourselves closer to the majority of our membership as well as in the same city as the American Medical Association (AMA) we expect to be able to further improve the value the College is able to deliver to our membership, the field and most importantly our patients.”

Chicago is already home to over 65 medical associations, including the AMA, allowing the AVLS to better represent its members as a part of the national medical discussion. The move to the Midwest also provides a more central location for its almost 2,000 members located across the United States.

“The relocation should be complete by the end of June and as such I want to make sure that every one of our membership knows they have an open invitation to stop and visit us anytime you are in or are passing through Chicago,” said Dean Bender, Executive Director of the AVLS. “We will always have a cup of coffee waiting on you!”

The AVLS has been in California for the past 30 years as it has grown as an organization. It is grateful for its roots and all of the staff and volunteers who have helped grow the association to its current success.

“Relocation is always a bitter sweet proposition as we are excited about a new future in Chicago, but unfortunately it means leaving some great people behind,” said Bender. “The leadership, the membership and myself owe our deepest gratitude to the various members of our staff that have contributed greatly to the College over the past years. We wish you all the best success”

Our new address will be 434 W. Ontario Street, Suite 200, Chicago, IL.

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