ACP PRO Venous Registry Nears 5000 Unique Patients

By Dr. Marlin Schul
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If you are serious about vein treatment and sharing results, transparency is becoming easier as the American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS) offers the opportunity to benchmark your practice and contribute to the science behind our field of practice. I have heard people say, “the best way to address XYZ is ABC.” Does a provider with a given recipe have the best approach? If you care about benchmarking your practice, you need to compare outcomes. We truly do not have enough evidence in our field to answer all of the questions. This is changing, making it far simpler to compare treatments and true patient reported outcome measures.

Numerous vendors have approached the AVLS in an attempt to have their EMR meet specifications of this registry. Coupling the work a provider does with the patient’s voice is now possible through this sophisticated database. StreamLineMD has been the leader in support of EMR synched data sharing in a HIPAA compliant environment. Moving forward, it will become easier for providers to participate and meet PQRS requirements.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the AVLS PRO Venous Registry and how you can become involved.

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