ACP PRO Venous Registry Dashboard Now Live

The AVLS recently launched a public dashboard for its PRO Venous Registry, offering a quick, visual representation of real-time data from participating vein care practitioners. With rapidly increasing patient and encounter records from all over the U.S., the registry dashboard is an easy to use tool which allows clinicians to benchmark their own patient encounters against those of the greater vein care community.

The AVLS PRO Venous Registry is a robust database which incorporates both physician and patient reported outcome (PRO) data through the use of ACP-certified EMR systems. The public dashboard provides an aggregated view of the data, including:

  • Current patient, encounter, physician and location figures
  • Data distribution throughout the U.S.
  • Specific procedures, including compression therapy, endovenous thermal ablation, venous ulcer care, ambulatory phlebectomy, pin stripping and oral pharmacotherapy
  • Rates of complications based on different procedures and practices

The public dashboard, however, affords only a limited, aggregate view of the data. Participants in the AVLS PRO Venous Registry have access to their individual statistics, which can be compared against the wide range of national findings represented on the dashboard, to enhance their own procedures and improve patient care.

As the registry continues to consolidate this information, participants are also presented with an exciting opportunity to engage insurers, policymakers and the public about vein disease, using real-time comprehensive data.

To visit the AVLS PRO Venous Registry, click here.

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