The ACP PRO Venous Registry is Online

The highly anticipated AVLS PRO Venous Registry officially launched during the 2014 AVLS Annual Congress this past November in Phoenix, AZ. The AVLS PRO Venous Registry is a robust database which incorporates both physician and patient reported outcome (PRO) data through the use of AVLS certified EMR systems.

Conference attendees were given an opportunity to get hands-on with the interface, as well as gain a better understanding of how the database will allow them to benchmark their uploaded EMR data against that of the full database.

Compliant with all medical and professional standards (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, ACA, ABVLM), data from vein clinics or individual practices is now being accepted. This data consolidation presents an exciting opportunity for participants and AVLS committee volunteers to engage insurers, policymakers and the public about vein disease using real-time, comprehensive data.

The AVLS PRO Venous Registry will soon open the door for publications regarding disease protocols, patient demographics and treatment outcomes with a projected 5,000 patient records secured by November 2015.

For those interested in participating in the AVLS PRO Venous registry, CLICK HERE.

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