ACP PRO Venous Registry Set to Launch

While it may seem the amount of data we’re exposed to on a daily basis is overwhelming, the need for verifiable, clinical data in our practices is more important than ever. Understanding the scope of venous disease, the most effective treatment options and how those options affect quality of life for our patients makes us better practitioners and improves the lives of those who seek our care.

Currently, this type of data about venous disease is difficult to come by in a single, practical resource, but the American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS) is working to address this demand. Through the support of the AVLS Foundation’s Vision for Tomorrow, the AVLS is currently testing a proprietary database registry populated with data from participating practice electronic medical records (EMR) systems. The Practical Research Database Program, led by Drs. Willy Chi and Marlin Schul, is intended to provide the data vein care practitioners are seeking, including:

  • Treatment outcome benchmarks
  • Venous disease patient demographics
  • Quality of Life (QoL) indicators based on treatment options
  • Accurate and comprehensive vein care statistics
  • Commonalities in treatment protocols

The ease of use and ability to automate collection through the EMR system will allow for the the capture of meaningful data, which can be utilized to improve patient outcomes as well as engage insurers, policymakers and the public.

“A sophisticated registry with EMR integration, such as the one we’re developing, will offer an incredible opportunity for vein practitioners to address many of the questions facing our specialty,” notes Dr. Marlin Schul. “What the ACPF has done in supporting this program and providing the statistical resources necessary, is position the AVLS as the national voice for venous disease in the public policy debate, while also providing practitioners with the understanding they need to improve care.”

The AVLS PRO Venous Registry program has finished beta testing and is currently preparing for full implementation. The AVLS is taking names of interested parties, who wish to participate once it is fully operational.  If you are interested in participating in the AVLS PRO Venous Registry, please send an email with your contact information to  [email protected].

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