AMA Approves Resolution on Compression Reimbursement

With support from AVLS AMA delegates Saundra Spruiell, DO, FACPh, RPVI and Chris Pittman, MD the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates recently passed Resolution 126 – Insurance Coverage for Compression Stockings, which asks the AMA to support Medicare payment for gradient compression stockings as prescribed by a physician under Medicare benefits coverage. This is an important endorsement by the AMA and larger medical community of the medical necessity and effectiveness of compression therapy as a treatment option for venous and lymphatic conditions.

As of now, Medicare only pays for compression stockings under a surgical benefit for those who have an active ulcer. The resolution is aimed at reimbursement for both preventative and post-treatment management of venous and lymphatic conditions.

“Waiting until ulcers develop to allow compression garments as a Medicare benefit makes as much sense as withholding blood pressure medicine until complications of kidney failure and stroke develop,” stated AVLS Alternate Delegate to the AMA, Chris Pittman, MD, during testimony in support of the resolution.

The resolution will provide another tool for advocacy with Medicare and, by extension, commercial payers.

“For all lymphedema patients and many venous disease patients, chronic graduated compression is their most important treatment with or without endovenous interventions,” noted Pittman.

The full text of the resolution can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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