Future of the Specialty Strategic Meeting Coming Soon

Building on the success of the first Executive Leadership Summit in 2012, FVLD is planning a second strategic meeting which will bring together stakeholders from across vein care to discuss the future of the specialty.

While still in the planning stages, this second summit will convene mid-2015 and will focus on working through several pressing challenges in the venous disease community, related to:

  • Pursuing a coordinated patient awareness initiative
  • Identifying and defining venous disease patient demographic information
  • Creating a consensus, using statistical information to shape public and policy-maker perceptions of venous disease

The meeting in 2012 brought together 54 leaders from the specialty –  physicians, allied healthcare, and industry – to create a consensus document outlining the long-term future for the AVLS and vein care community.   The white paper developed by this extraordinary group was then instrumental in the development of the ACP’s 2013-2016 Strategic Plan.  You can download a copy of the 2012 Executive Leadership Summit Report at: phlebologyfoundation.org/areport.html.

For the 2015 meeting, qualified Foundation supporters will be invited to this important event, which will be limited to 75 attendees. Details will be made available soon, so stop by the ACPF Donor Lounge at the 2014 AVLS Annual Congress in Phoenix for more information.

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