2021 AVLS Board Vote

2021 Board of Directors

Mark H. Meissner, MD, FAVLS, DABVLM President- 2020-2021
Kathleen D. Gibson, MD, FACS, FAVLS President-Elect - 2020-2021
Stephen F. Daugherty, MD, FACS, RVT, RPhS, DABVLM Treasurer - 2020-2021
Satish Vayuvegula, MD, MS, FAVLS Secretary - 2020-2021
Marlin W. Schul, MD, MBA, RVT, FAVLS, DABVLM Past President - 2020-2021
Linda Antonucci, RPhS, RVT, RDCS 2020-2021
John Blebea, MD, MDA, FACS 2020-2021
Steven Dean, DO, FSVM, RPVI 2020-2021
Zoe Deol, MD, FACS, DABVLM 2020-2021
Steve Elias, MD, FACS, FAVLS 2021-2022
Sergio Gianesini, MD, PhD 2020-2021
Kenneth Harper, MD, FACS, RPhS, DABVLM 2020-2021
Raghu Kolluri, MD, MS, RVT, FSVM 2020-2021
Margaret Mann, MD, FAAD, FAVLS 2021-2022
Vineet Mishra, MD, FAAD, FAVLS 2020-2022
Chris Pittman, MD, FAVLS, FACR 2020-2022
Ronald S. Winokur, MD, FSIR, RPVI 2020-2021

2021 Nominees for Board of Director

AVLS Treasurer 2021-2022

Satish Vayuvegula, MD, MS, FAVLS Treasurer, 2021-2022

Board Member since 2018, AVLS Secretary 2021, AVLS Member since 2005

Dr. Satish Vayuvegula has extensive training in phlebology, the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease and related disorders. At Vein Clinics of America, he specializes in ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy and endovenous thermal ablation. He is certified by the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. Dr. Vayuvegula’s interest in vein disease began during his residency when he learned that he was one of millions of Americans suffering from varicose vein disease.​
He earned his medical degree from Chicago Medical School in 1999 and completed his residency at Emory University School of Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dr. Vayuvegula’s interest in vein disease began during his residency when he learned that he was one of millions of Americans suffering from varicose vein disease.​
He is an active Member of the American Vein & Lymphatic Society and the American Medical Association.

AVLS Secretary 2021-2022

Stephen Daugherty, MD, FACS, FAVLS, RVT, RPhS Secretary, 2021-2022

Board Member since 2013, AVLS Treasurer since 2018, Congress Chair in 2018, Member since 2001

Dr. Daugherty is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and received his MD, Cum Laude, from Emory University in 1979. He served his residency in Surgery at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas and established a practice of Vascular Surgery and General Surgery in 1984.
Daugherty began transitioning his arterial and venous surgical practice to minimally-invasive venous procedures in 1997 and founded VeinCare Centers of Tennessee in Clarksville, Tennessee in 2004. Since 2008, his practice has been limited to venous and lymphatic disorders including care of complex deep venous problems. Daugherty’s report (with co-author Dr. David Gillespie), “Venous Angioplasty and Stenting Improve Pelvic Congestion Syndrome” was published in 2015 in the JVS: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders.
He has served for the eight years on the Board of Directors of the American College of Phlebology (ACP), now the American Vein and Lymphatic Society (AVLS). Dr. Daugherty is a regular speaker and session moderator at annual meetings of the AVLS, and he served as the Chairman of the Program Committee for the 2018 Annual Congress of the ACP. He currently serves as Treasurer of the AVLS and he chairs the Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Committee of the AVLS.
Dr. Daugherty served from 2012-2018 on the Board of Directors of the IAC--Vein Center Division as a representative of the ACP. He served from 2008 through 2019 as a subject matter expert to Cardiovascular Credentialing International as the Registered Phlebology Sonographer certification was established.

Returning Directors

Linda Antonucci, RPhS, RVT, RDCS 2022-2023

Board Member since 2020, Past Chair of Ultrasonography Section, Ultrasonography Section Liason, Communications Standing Committee, Memership Standing Committee, Member since 2007

Linda Antonucci, RPhS, RVT, RDCS is a nationally recognized and respected vascular ultrasound consultant and educator. She currently serves as the ultrasound section chair for the American Vein and Lymphatic Society Ultrasound Section. Linda is an ARDMS credentialed vascular and cardiac technologist and a CCI credentialed phlebology sonographer.
Linda’s 30+ years of experience in diagnostic imaging includes working at the New Jersey Vein Center since its inception in 1988, consulting for new vascular laboratories, and teaching ultrasound nationwide.
She has lectured for the American Vein & Lymphatic Society, American Venous Forum, International Society of Endovascular Specialists, Society for Vascular Ultrasound, Cardiovascular Credentialing International, AngioDynamics, Sigvaris, Phillips Medical Systems, Imaging Excellence, and at private medical practices in the New York metropolitan region.
Linda is the Technical Director for New Jersey Vein Center and an independent consultant specializing in advanced venous diagnostics. She is a member of the American Vein & Lymphatic Society, the American Venous Forum, and the Society for Vascular Ultrasound.

John Blebea, MD, MDA, FACS 2022-2023

Board Member since 2020, AVLS RUC Advisor, AVLS Research Advisory Committee Chair, HPC Standing Committee, Member since 2016

John Blebea MD MBA FACS is Professor of Surgery, Chair of Surgical Disciplines and founding Program Director of the general surgery residency program at the Central Michigan University College of Medicine. An internationally-recognized vascular surgeon, educator, and researcher, he received his MD degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and completed his surgical residency at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and a vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Rochester. In 2019, he was inducted to the American College of Surgeons Academy of Master Surgeon Educators in the Academy's 2019 class.
Dr. Blebea had previously served as chairman of the department of surgery at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Tulsa and chief of the division of vascular surgery at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. He has also served as faculty and in leadership positions at Penn State University's Hershey Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He had started the vascular surgery fellowship program at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa and previously had been the program director of the vascular fellowships at Case Western Reserve University, Temple University, and the University of Cincinnati.
He is active with leadership positions in many national professional societies, including recently being the president of the American Venous Forum. Dr. Blebea has authored more than 180 scientific publications and has given more than 600 presentations at numerous medical conferences. He has won multiple academic awards and has been selected as "Best Doctor” at the local, state, and national levels for many years. He continues to teach, do research, and treat patients with vascular disease.

Steven Dean, DO, FSVM, RPVI 2022-2023

Board Member since 2020, Education Standing Committee, Lymphedema Section Liason, Member since 2019

Steven M. Dean, DO, FACP, RPVI, is director of the Vascular Medicine Program, director of Cardiovascular Medicine’s Noninvasive Peripheral Vascular Laboratory, and professor of clinical medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Dr. Dean’s clinical expertise is the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of vascular diseases such as lymphedema, venous diseases, vasospastic diseases, unusual lower extremity ulcerations, enigmatic limb swelling and noninvasive imaging.
Dr. Dean has been annually named one of America’s Best Doctors from 2009 through 2012.
Dr. Dean earned his medical degree from the Center for Health Sciences at Oklahoma State University. His postgraduate training included an internship at the Chicago Osteopathic Hospital, and a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in vascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio.
Dr. Dean was awarded the All-Star Trophy for Outstanding Teaching to the 4th year medical students at Ohio State’s Medical Center. He also won the Charles F Wooley Teaching Award from the cardiology fellows as the academic instructor of the year.
He has published many articles on topics related to vascular medicine and is a frequent lecturer and presenter at national meetings on vascular related diseases. Dr. Dean has been a leading contributor to the AVLS Lymphedema program over the past several years, and is currently co-chair of the 2019 Lymphedema Program in Phoenix. Dr. Dean is also an editor and reviewer for various vascular related journals and Web sites. He has co-edited three vascular medicine textbooks in the last three years.

Sergio Gianesini, MD, PhD 2022-2023

Board Member since 2018,
International Board Liason, UIP 2023 NA Organizing Committee Chair, Education Standing Committee, Membership Standing Committee, Member since 2014

Dr. Gianesini is an Emergency surgeon and vein specialist at University of Ferrara, Italy. He attained his PhD in Vascular System Molecular Patho-physiology at University of Ferrara, Italy. He is Adjunct Professor, University of Ferrara, Italy, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Bethesda, Maryland. In addition, he is an Invited Professor and General Director for Non-invasive diagnostic course for UCES University in Argentina, and an instructor in Venous Hemodynamics.
Dr. Gianesini served as Abstract Committee Chair for the 2017 American Vein & Lymphatic Society Annual Congress, and on the Scientific Committee of the University Course in Lymphatics Diagnostic and Treatment at UCES University. He was President of the VI International Inter-university meeting in Phlebology, Lymphology and Aesthetic Medicine, and is frequently requested to speak at international meetings on phlebology and lymphology.
Active in several societies, he is the International Committee Chair for the American Vein & Lymphatic Society and an International Union of Phlebology 2018 Ambassador. He is a member of three operative committees of the American Venous Forum, and a member of the coordination committee on Lymphology for the Italian Society of Phlebology. He is an honorary member of the Brazilian Society of Phlebology.
Dr. Gianesini has authored numerous scientific papers, and a number of books and guidelines on the venous and lymphatic topic. He sits on the Editorial Boards of the Vein Specialist and the Vein & Lymphatics journals. He serves as Reviewer for several international scientific journals. He has won several international scientific awards in phlebo-lymphology.
His clinical experience includes venous and endovenous procedures, lower limb ulceration, venous and lymphatic echo-color-Doppler scannings, and venous aesthetic procedures (laser & sclerotherapy). He created the HydroFE veno-lymphatic protocol (spin-off in development), and initiated the Game Over to Leg Failure public venous awareness project.
His hobbies include golf (14 handicap), playing piano, and involvement in Rotary International.

Ronald Winokur, MD, FSIR, RPVI 2022-2023

Board Member since 2020,
Resident/Student/Fellow Program Chair, Education Standing Committee, Research Standing Committee, Member since 2013

Ronald S. Winokur, MD, FSIR, RPVI is a board-certified interventional radiologist who focuses on the minimally invasive treatment of venous conditions and is currently the Director of Venous Interventions and Associate Professor of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Dr. Winokur attended Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University for medical school followed by Diagnostic Radiology residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Interventional Radiology fellowship at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. After completing his fellowship, he was an Assistant Professor at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medicine caring for patients with superficial venous disease, deep venous disease and pelvic venous disease.
Dr. Winokur plays an active role in research and was a site Principal Investigator for the ATTRACT trial, ACCESS PTS trial, and Veniti Vici venous stent safety and efficacy trial. He has also published numerous articles involving the full gamut of venous disease and is interested in advancing the scientific evidence for management of pelvic venous disease. In addition to participation in AVLS, Dr. Winokur is a Venous Advisor for the Society of Interventional Radiology Service Line Advisory Board. He is also the current President of the New York Roentgen Society Interventional Radiology section.


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